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Im looking for a Takegawa S20 camshaft. I have an S25 and an S12 and I want to try the S20.

Performance of these cams On my Honda Nice 142cc:

The S25 puts the start of the powerband in the 6500 RPM range all the way to redline of 11k. Off throttle response is fine. Idle is ok.

The S12 puts the start of the powerband at about 5500 and seems to be a bit more narrow with it starting to fall off around 9500. Off Idle response is can lug the motor at 3k. Idle is almost like a stock 50.

I'm hoping to split the difference here. I'd like to keep a relatively wide powerband...a little further down the rpm scale. The S25 cam produces tremendously more punch after 8k, but that's not something that I"ll see often on this bike. This bike will spend nearly its whole life in the 6000-7000 rpm range. I am hoping the s20 cam helps this a bit.

The S12 cam is just plain awesome if you want a tractor motor. And of the two cams...I'd rather keep this one anyway.
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