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This Goped has proven to be a winner. It has been clocked at 40 mph and gets there very quickly. I have never had a problem with it within the two months I have been building it. Definitely the nicest goped around. This goped was built from the frame up. chromed out g260rc runs flawless. I have Over $1,300 invested. The upgrades include but are not limited to...

g260 fully ported with RC carb $300

air filter with turbo cone $50

Billet deck $80

Race Pole and bars $150

3 stage race pipe $180

frame wheels and chrome double sided forks $200

Cool Head installed $60

. 750 spindle $20

chrome fender $30

billet throttle lever $40

chrome covers and billet block off plate $100

ADA third bearing supports $50

Let me know what interesting trades you have or make a cash offer.

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