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i wanna trade my complete 110 for a roller with zokes and good rear end. lets see what you guys have call text 818 (319-6120) or pm me.thanks guys. i would prefer a mod 110 roller but if a nice 50 roller comes along why not.

list of parts.

pro taper bars

-pro taper triple clamps

-kx 60 forks

-sikk 110s plus 2 swingarm

-new stiff clutch springs and new clutch plates havent ridden on them yet.

-tb 143

-race cam

-magura clutch

-pro circuit tall seat

-4th gear

-updated out put shaft

-sano foot peg mount

-fast ways foot pegs

- sikk 110s chain guide

-rk gold chain

-new plastics



-sunline shift lever

-ada billet gas cap

-vm26mm carb

-tb filter

-bump start kit

and thiers more im just forgetting.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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