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TRADE: 2001 Cr125r for a 50 or 110

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2001 Husqvarna CR125r

134cc bore done by Town and Country Cycle

Team Husky graphics and seat cover

Protaper fat bars

Tag Metals fat bar clamps

Renthal sprocket

Brand new D.I.D. chain

Brand new Protaper grips

Fast by Ferracci suspension

Moto Tarrasini V-Force reeds

Pro Circuit pipe and silencer

Stealthy weighted flywheel

Skid Plate

Enduro Engineering Aluminum barkbusters with plastics guards

Bike comes stock with excel rims

I NEED A 50 or 110, IM in NJ, help me out

Kelly Blue Book is 3005$ on this bike.
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so your willing to trade a 50 with nothing on it but a shock for that... Cuase if so ill trade :)
Maybe a little cash because that wouldn't really be a good deal for me
lol sorry just got my 50 but i do want a 125 but have no cash....why would u give up that sweet bike for a 50 man...
I wanna get back into 50s and 50 racing
Id almost be willing to trade if your talking straight up trade, but Im in Ohio. Got any pics?

Its an '02 XR50R

Joker Machine Clamp

P3 Racing Bars (and Joker MX bars.)

Stormcycle Front Disk Brake Kit

Front and Rear HD BBR springs

Billet Fast50s Throttle

Takegawa HD Clutch Kit

Extended Shift lever

90/90-10 Street Tires (Have stock tires also)

It needs new plastics, the stock ones are pretty beatup. Id be willing to work something out with you there.
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theres a pic, im looking for a bike with +1 chromo with HD springs, i shock, aftermarket swingarm, 72cc with head or 82 or 88+cc without head, bar kit, +1 frame for a straight up trade

i really want a 50 with the baja designs dualsport kit +$$

or a stock 50 + like 800-1000$
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anyone, pimpin you got anything?
If you change your mind let me know. :lol:
someone needs a big bike
i need one but dun want to get rid of my 50 and have no $$$$

i was thinking honda cr125 , but sorry

i ride red
smae name as a honda just better, Pimpin, do you have a rolling chassis you would trade?
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