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Kevin Popeako who got the Holeshot in all of his moto's but one on his TNPracing Built 178 +r bike with Two Brothers Rear Suspension and Marzocchi front forks,,,,, and of course he was running the KX65 Rear Disc Brake that we have the Adapter kit for so that he could haul A-- to that first corner with confidence that he would be able to use a back brake that would work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TNPracing had a total of 6 riders that made it to their mains out of 9 people riding for TNPracing. We are very proud of all our riders that gave their best and we appreciate all their hard work,,,,, now lets get ready for DEL MAR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: if you take a look on the following link you can see a picture of Kevin Popaeko by clicking the 4th link that reads . Photo Gallery: 2007 Maxxis Mini Moto SX

Click here:

Transworld Motocross

Then look at picture number 11 of 19 and you could see him rockin our new graphics kit.
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