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Old thread. I still have this.:love: I bought the original tires from Honda before they were discontinued. (Wambbalus) i love the original tires. Such a nice ride.....(y).Plus I bought a brand new carb from Honda before they dried up too.(y) I put a bar pad from a 1983 because the 82 didn't come with one. Note the reflectors.🤓


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I wish we could find a common ground between “not too soft” and “not being an asshole” but most people tend to cling to the extreme and poo-poo everyone else now a days. Are three wheelers dangerous? Sure. Ever had a quad roll over on you? The extra wheel sure doesn’t make it softer lol.

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Wow, that Christmas Special looks amazing 👏

I haven't been around here for a long time, but starting to get my ATC70s back out and tinker with them again.

Glad to see you still have yours. 👍🙂
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