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tires ???

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I have a question what tires do think are the best tires out there ?

PS. any of you every race the old Z50's with fat wheels ?
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Michelin MS2 fo sho :!:
I have Michelin MS2's 2.75 rear and 2.5 front. They hook up great even in this fresh, wet snow 8O well not that great but they're still pretty good even in snow. :lol:
I ride a Dunlop 756 front tire and a Bridgestone rear tire. I forgot the model no. on that one. For soft tracks, it is the perfect combo.
I run dunlop 756's and cheng shin 3.5x10 for riding on the asphalt
Michelin Starcrosses all the way. The 2.5x10 are just as big if not bigger than my 2.75x10 756's were. And they are cheaper.
Can you get them in blue and yellow?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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