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thumpstar parout!

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whats upp.

i have a thumpstar im parting out. heres a list.

1. frame with battery cage grinded off-50

2. tank with billet gas cap-30

3.rear disc setup with adapter to run disc with stock swinger(including wheel,disc,sprocket and whole disc setup to the brake)100

4.front end(thumpster forks,clamps,and 12 inch front wheel with black asv hydrolic brake,steel braded line with millville tire like new.)180

5. motor is a lifan 125 i believe but needs new magneto because the one i have broke off.125

6. thumpster motor that seized,useing as a part motor. 60 with no head.

7. billet throotle looks to be tb but painted gold. 15

let me no what else you need off it.

call or text me at 661 435 8516 for more info. will post pics in a minute
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ttt make offers, i will make you a deal
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