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Throttle Responce!!! Arrrrrrgh!!!!!!

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Im Killin Myself Trying To Figure This Throttle Out And How It Works, Someone Please Give Me Another Opinion.

If I Plurp (rev It Up) The Throttle It Works Fine , And If I Just Mash It Full Open It Dont Do ****, Its Just Sits There Looking At Me Like Ima Dumbass, I Dont Understand What Is Going On!

I Just Added A New H-bomb Exhaust And The Bbr Bar Kit With The New Carb Cap On The Throttle Cable. I Dont Yet Understand The Workings Of A 50 Motor And Im Trying To Learn But I Just Dont Want To Start Tearing Into **** I Dont Understand. Ill End Here If You Need Anymore Input Please Leme Know And I Appreciate All And This Forum!

Thanks Again


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so if I get what you mean you're saying when you roll on the throttle it revs fine but when you snap the throttle open it bogs down and cuts out. Try ajusting the air/fuel mixture screw on the carb, you should/might be able to take care of that bog
Rejet for the new setup.
probably a little lean on the lower end jetting - try adjusting the screw first - and if that doesnt work change the pilot jet
ya you are going to have to rejet. start reading all the threads on jetting as thier are a ton of them on here. If you still have questions after that then ask. It takes a while to get the hang of jetting and is never fun. But you will learn alot.
it could be anything. main jet to low, pilot to low, needle to low, but adjust the screw first
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