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Throttle cable

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Well I tried to do a search but I did not find anything pertaining to my issue. I have a CRF50 with a 50 Stunt tall bar kit. And I am running a 125cc with a 22mm Mikuni carb.

The issue I ran into was the cable doesn't work with the Mikuni carb, Because the exposed wire isn't long enough to go into the slide. (I think that is the right term.) But I am having issues finding one that will fit the carb right and also be long enough for the tall bars. The one I got from a friend works with the carb but isn't long enough for the tall bars.

I was wondering if anyone had a link to someone that has what I need or maybe any ideas of what I could try.

Thanks for your help.
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Our shop here isn't the greatest and if they find out it has a "china" engine they will refuse service to you. Right now I am emailing Vince from Tbolt to see which cable they have that he thinks will work best for me.
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