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1988 Honda ZB50s
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Here is another picture of my three ZB 50s..two are titled and registered. One is on a bill of sale. I bought it from someone who bought it from a guy in GA where it was titled. Florida will not register it unless I get the GA title. I called GA and spoke with them. For some reason the Georgia seller never transferred the title when he sold it to the person I bought it from in 2009. Only provided a notorized bill of sale on a GA form T-7. I traced him down but he won’t respond. GA will not accept the notorized bill of sale as proof of sale and will not release the Any ideas?
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Just got one for my 81 xt through Vermont. Can recommend. Form HERE. You can find a good walkthrough HERE. Best part is, if you accidentally dont write the check big enough they’ll call you and you can just pay the rest with a card (ask me how I know lol).

awesome bikes by the way. Jealous you have 3!!!!
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