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Thoseguys play day milestone 12-20-08 am

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Thoseguys Racing Timmy,kevin and kyle bosch (stockers) brand new 110s break in sesh!
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how many stockers can we rally up??????????
ooooooooooooooooo we already got

me kevin timmy and my friend mark

who else is coming lets do this!
better check and see if there open gonna be a mud fest..
hey guys i have been trying to go to milestone and its closed since tues, someone should call and find out when they will be open cuz the dirt should be good:D:D
due to the rain milestone will be closed this friday.

saturday we will be open until dusk only and the intermediate track will be closed. Therefore there will also be no quad riding saturday.
They sure will!(come on out shawn)

Its Josh by the way, not shawn.

I think we might head out, but we were thinking of bringing jet skis
..........but it is nice to see Those Guys Racing back in the game.

Maybe they will bring back some of the riders/friends that have strayed away and make these races a little races suck lately.

Nothin like 1-2 years ago, racing was fun and actually had guys to race
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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