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I like my lowrider just fine, but its a bit of a novelty in my garage, so I think I'm going to convert it back to normal stance. That said, I'm going to sell the elements to convert a CT70 to a lowrider.

1. TB Yosh Shocks in 280mm

2. Front CT70 forks complete (new bushings, retainers and NEW z50 fork lowers)

3. Dax Style Fenders (these were new, but painted to look old)

4. Stiff springs for forks if you need em

I'd like to sell all of this for $250 shipped. Used a total of 100 miles since completed.

Unless you want to buy the whole bike! Which in that case, I'd want 1800. Titled. Comes with completely rebuilt xr70 motor with brand new tb88 kit on top.


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