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Ok, some of you guys may have already seen this bike on my website, but thought it should be here too. A 1971 CL70 came to me from a buddy I built a bike for. At first, I was thinking it was going to be a bar hopper opposed to a full custom. The original plan was to do as little finishing work as possible. No polishing, painting or plating unless it was needed to function. For the most part, it stayed true to the plan, with a quickie rattle-can paint treatment on the top of the tank, and the rear rack that was zinc plated being the exceptions. The engine is a 108cc stroker with a HondaTB V2 rolling rocker head, Mikuni VM26 carb, the original advancing flywheel and 4 speed tranny. It has been converted to 12 Volts using one of the Xrarespares conversion kits, and I am very happy with the results. There is a Takegawa kick starter and kickstand. The front fork tubes and seals were replaced. The sissy bar/seat assembly is custom built, using .090 aluminum for the seat pan, and a CB360 sissy bar with a bunch of modification. There is a light at the top of the sissy bar made from a World War 2 era aircraft tail light lens, a Honda exhaust clamp, an LED, and a piece of a bronze cymbal on the backside. The tank is from a 1970 Yamaha trail 100, with engraved badges by Wade Oliver Wilson of Mansfield Texas, the pinstripe vector was done by Skratch at Skratch's Garage in Ft Worth, Texas, and the seat cover was done by Mikey Kneavel of Weatherford, Texas. The electronic control panel is for ground effect LED lighting under the tank and seat. It has a small home-brew processor that makes the lights blink, and allows you to control the rate and brightness. Somewhere along the line it earned the name "Flaquita," a tall skinny girl.
 Pictures shot outside Dan’s Silverleaf, a longtime Denton favorite. Photo: RWB Visuals.

The original exhaust, chain guard, and rear turn signals were missing on the bike , and used ones were found online.
 The air filter was made from brass, with a stainless steel screen from an antique ether mask. There is a fine-mesh brass filter inside the stainless shell. The side cover for the battery, seen on the right of the frame, was purchased in an online au

The air filter is made from brass and an antique ether mask, used to knock people out for surgery.
 The Zodiac vinyl seat cover was done by Mikey Kneavel, of Weatherford, Texas. The seat was inspired by Schwinn banana seats and the Norton Hi-Rider of the seventies. The pinstripe on the tank was done by Skratch of Skratch’e garage in Ft Worth, Texa
Cloud Land vehicle Tire Sky Wheel

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Bicycle handlebar

 A brass cover for the gas cap was the last custom touch. Another flower motif like the tail light, and pedestrian slicer propeller. Photo: RWB Visuals.

The gas cap was from an '88-'99 Z50R, and was covered with brass. The brass was patinated with chemicals and heat.
 Flaquita means skinny.
 The tail light lens is from a World War 2 era Navy plane. There is a bright LED inside. Photo: RWB Visuals.
 Lights on! Both rear lights work as running and stop lights.
 Still can’t get over how much the tank vector and seat added to the build. It was a cool day when it was done. I was at Skratch’s Garage in Fort Worth to pick up the seat after Mikey Kneavel covered it, and asked Skratch if he could do a tank. He sa
 The control pad for the ground effects. There is an NE555 timer chip, potentiometers, and some resistors used to make a variable rate low frequency oscillator. It allows the LED strips under the seat and tank to blink on and off, or stay on. The kno
 The rear light at the top of the sissy bar loop is made from an old exhaust clamp. The back of the light was made from a drummer’s cymbal.
 The road stretches on forever in front of you…
 There is some of the original bright red paint visible on the underside of the tank. Beneath the side covers, it is still shiny and vivid red. The slow fade to a very pale pink on the top of the tank was part of what attracted me to it for this buil
 The rear rack uses three different gauges of rod, and closed loops, so no sharp ends are present. It is zinc plated.

 The pedestrian slicer and propeller. Photo: RWB Visuals.

A "pedestrian slicer" with a propeller. Totally useless.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bicycle hub

Magenta and green LED's on their own separate channels.
Wheel Tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive tire

Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Fuel tank Motorcycle
 There is a rear rack, a tail light from a Honda CA72, and another custom tail light situated at the top of the sissy bar. The original muffler, chain guard, and tail light assembly were missing, and used ones found to replace them.
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