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Hey guys i just got done with my new stock/mod build. The bike has great power but isnt crazy. The most fun bike i have ridden period. Heres some pics

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firepower minis 143cc kit

ported head

chp exhaust

fasterminis hd clutch kit

rejetted stock carb



ishock m1-a6

hd fork springs

painted frame, swingarm, forks


twobros top clamp

rm85 pegs

custom ahp cam cover

tb white plastics

tall seat

ahp bars

Thanks to everyone who helped me bring this build together.


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lilminis said:
at some point im gonna get the yx head and a vm26 carb just dont have the money right now.

the bike looks great! it really does, and this is just my opinion dont get mad, i you added a little color like you said with some graphix that thing would POP! But seriously a great build!:D
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