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The biggest race of the year!!!!!

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I don't need to jump. I'm old and 200+. Just call me WALKING EAGLE (to fat to fly). Hahaha
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What's up with the guy cutting the track? That was clear as day. It's on video!!! The track looks fun. Does it matter what motor u have or just wheel size?
A hot lane or a joker lane that is waaayyyy faster. I just found out about this. I can't make it this year due to its not enough time. Me and my son will be there next year for sure. Is it the same weekend every year? I'm trying to build a monster with a v2. I want to look poto and ride d class. Hahaha :banana:
That just looks awesome
Is this the same weekend every year?
I'm trying to plan for next year. Blake is this at least the same month every year
1 - 6 of 72 Posts
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