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The biggest race of the year!!!!!

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The track gets so badass it dont need jumps
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Its a ten hour drive for me, i go cuz of the stacked class n the corners r crazy!!
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That kid pry cant corner chad, lol does the butt whips on giant 20 footers lol
Who, Blake? Hahaha
No that goon person not blake
Man those I wish we got turn outs like that up here. That looks so much fun, and its a regular thing id imagine the broty is gonna draw bigger classes.
Weres up here????
Let's not turn this into a pissing match ladies!
Thats wat im talking about
People like you is what kills planetminis. You get on and call me a goon when you have 2 posts. You might wanna do a little research before calling someone out. People like you is why the guys that know everything and actually ride stay off this forum. I'm sure ppl will inform you that I can ride and build. Rant over
Exactly y im not on it
I wish my 190 was gonna b rdy for that dirt, guess ill c wat its like on the klx
No way i doubt he even comes
Washington, very hit or miss up here. Some places will get a decent turnout but not common to see more that 10-15 people at series on minis.
Thats wild
Is this the same weekend every year?
Blake is the guy who puts this on
First few guys where fast threw that first corner, wish there would be big turnouts out here when i put on races and ride days. If it wasnt such a far drive i would make it out!
Weres out here????
I ride for the pitbike junkie team, lol i bet he dont go!
If jim does go, he must of changed his mind sinse sunday
Thats wild there isnt big turn outs n cali!
1 - 19 of 72 Posts
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