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The biggest race of the year!!!!!

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The BROTY 2014 is only days away! Please read the following information entirely! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or message me directly.
Here are some important things to remember, and some helpful BROTY 2014 information!
The PA system at Burleson MX is not very loud. Pay attention to the practice schedule and race order, because they DO NOT care if you miss practice or moto.
Register BEFORE you practice. If you choose to practice before registering, don't be surprised if you are turned away when you try to register.
Your bike MUST have matching legible numbers on the front and right number plates! This is a Zero-Tolerance rule. "I don't want to be scored" is not
acceptable. If you suspect your numbers are questionable, ask the scoring tower before the race! Riders must be scored to be eligible for BROTY prizes.
Do not ride your bikes outside of the outlined track area! I will provide a picture that circles the track area. Burleson MX is situated in the middle of a working cattle ranch, the owners ask that you DO NOT ride outside of the designated track area. Please honor their requests.
Practice starts at 9am! Be on your bike, ready to ride, when your practice starts! PitBikes practice with the 85's, which is the 2nd and 4th practice of 6
total practices. Respect the young riders during our practice! No late practice! Green flag = practice start. Checkered flag = practice over, exit track. Here is the entire practice order:
1st - Big Bikes
2nd - 85's/PitBike
3rd - Big Bikes
4th - 85's/PitBike
5th - 50's
6th - 65's
The race order will be posted after practice on the side of the registration/scoring tower. Like most tracks, the classes will be arranged (as
best as possible) to accommodate riders riding multiple classes. They will read the race order over the PA, but keep in mind, it's not very loud.
Gate picks are not based on random drawing, or moto 1 results! If you want a specific gate, get there early enough to reserve it! In the past, The BROTY riders have produced full gate races! If the gate if full, the remaining riders will have to start behind the gate.
All normal racing rules apply. If you wish to protest anything race related, you should do so immediately following the race.
Both classes, 10"/12" Open and MadDog Open will run 2 moto's, 4 laps each, overall scoring format.
Once the 2nd moto is complete, the scoring tower will produce the final overall results on the side of the registration/scoring tower.
$100 will be paid to the overall winners of both 10"/12" Open and MadDog Open classes.
Additional prize $$$ will be awarded to 4 participants per class. This prize $$$ will be distributed by lottery style drawing... All participants who finish
2nd - Last place will be eligible to win the Prize $$$. The drawing will draw a random overall finishing position... If that is your overall finish, you win!
Riders must be present to win the Prize $$$, no exceptions!
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Going to Texas a few months (about 6 lol) late for this but one of these years ill show up. The racing looks like a blast, stacked classes and good battles going on. Hope you guys going have a good time and post some videos and pics for all of us that can't make it.
Look us up when you get to Texas. Burleson MX races the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. The PitBike class is usually one of the biggest classes, if not the biggest class, of the day. It's always a good time!
Yeah, Burleson MX lacks a few jumps... But man, it's a really fun track to ride/race on! We have a large group of riders, a lot of them are pretty good riders... And really damn fast!
One of my favorite videos of our bi-weekly shenanigans!
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I'd love it if some of the heavy hitters from PM would/could make it! There are a lot of fast riders here that continually raise the bar... I honestly can't see there being much more room to go any faster. I know that might sound a little biased (and it might be, lol), but I think there are several that will agree with me.

If it'll help persuade you to join us... I'll be serving FREE hotdogs at The BROTY! Ask around, my wiener has a great reputation!!
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I'm trying to plan for next year. Blake is this at least the same month every year
I try to organize the BROTY to be raced every November. Burleson MX only races on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month... So it'll be one of those days.

If you can't make the BROTY, don't be afraid to come ride with us when the time is more convenient for you. We typically put together a good size crowd on a regular basis, especially if we know someone is coming from out of town.
We are planning on it.
Awesome! Get with myself or Cokeham to discuss any details that you might have questions about.
See Post #2 for important BROTY 2014 information. Sorry, I used the copy & paste method... I could not add paragraph spacing.
The BROTY 2014 was a BIG success... 46 entries! Videos will follow. Until then, take a peak at the awesome pic of the 10/12 Open group as the hit the 1st turn.

Thanks to all that participated... I hope you had a really good time!
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