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The biggest race of the year!!!!!

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I could bring out a trampoline and pogo stick for any of you jumping jumpers? Lol
Couple videos from one of the faster regulars. Jon, show this to Bubba, it will be one of the guys standing in his way of the W in MadDog.

What's up with the guy cutting the track? That was clear as day. It's on video!!! The track looks fun. Does it matter what motor u have or just wheel size?

That's just a hot line man! Lol.
Regular race day it doesn't matter, it's just an open class. For this race, it will be broken up in 2 classes, 10/12" open and MadDog open (TTR125s, KLX140s, CRF150Fs)
That kid pry cant corner chad, lol does the butt whips on giant 20 footers lol

Who, Blake? Hahaha
Let's not turn this into a pissing match ladies!
That soil is so good !!! Traction city. Who decided to put the 5 year old kid out in that class though ??

Definitely some of the best dirt in Texas!
I wish my 190 was gonna b rdy for that dirt, guess ill c wat its like on the klx

Ole fantasy ain't hooking you up?
If we are newbies, never having ridden that track can we still participate? We may not be last but close to it. We ride street bikes a lot and I grew up on a dirt bike. Anyone whose been or is going, I would appreciate a heads up.

Come on with it, any and all are welcome! This race is mainly about having fun!
Here's Bubba Harris' 2nd moto video of 10/12in Open. Some awesome racing!

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