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Thanx jjw!!!

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Just recieved them today. Theyre AWSOME!

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Those are sweet looking
RcWannabe said:
Those are sweet looking
Thanks. JJW made it better than I expected. These are by far, the best graphics I've ever owned.
Plastics and air box graphic comming soon. Hoping to make a motard out of it. Should be done by mid january.
WOW! Good to see he quit screwing people over!
SCAR8 said:
WOW! Good to see he quit screwing people over!

huh? explain...
Woooa woooa woooa! Wuts all this about screwing people over?
i wounder what they will look like on a bike??hmmm

they look great!

and what is this about screwing people over???
lol yah thats an interesting color choice

they might look sick on the bike though
Thanx guys.

WOW! Good to see he quit screwing people over
Wuts your deal with JJW SCAR?
chasetheface123 said:
Literally, candy to the eye...SWEET!!!:p haha

Thanks man.
gottkts said:
like it like it
Thanks. I love it too. It'll look even better once I pick up the new set of plastics I ordered.
what kinda bike is it for a rm 250?
150R motard
how long did it take from when you out the order to when you had them in our had
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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