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I Just received my new Black X4 in and assembled today and whoa, what a killer bike. The exhaust and the exhaust note are a thing of beauty, the rear shock is nicely set up, the front forks seem a little stiff but haven't been ridden on hard yet, the frame wheels and other parts seem to be of real good quality, overall just impressed with the bike as a whole.

During engine break-in the rear of the bike got covered in oil from the crankcase breather blowing out and relieving excess pressure, I'm assuming oil level was to high,so it gets a bath in the morning. Other than that I still have to install my oil cooler and head breather and she's all wrapped up.

Thanks go out to Nate at Outlaw for placing my order and the oil cooler and to Pitster for a great bike that will bring many hours of enjoyment.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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