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Thanks OLDSCHOOL !!!

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Just picked up some stuff from him yesterday . And man I couldn't ask for better prices , well ......., maybe free . :) But , I'm work'n on that one ;) :p ...... And NOOOOO Kevin !!! I won't do sexual favors for them instead of cash .... :rolleyes: :p :D

Thanx again bro !!! And I will use these parts to kick your butt at the M.O.M. races this year !!!! :D
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Thank you ...I Think? Oh And my girlfriend says to tell you that i would need a meal not a snack.... know what she is talking about....;)

Also You WILL Get a good a$$ whooping for sure and not just from me at the MOM SERIES this season

JohnnyB said:
Heh .. I use ta think so too ...

Now that I've gott'n to know him over the years ..., HE'S PROVE'N TO BE A TOTAL TOOL !!! :rolleyes:

Hey Thanks dingle berry....:p
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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