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TGR-Ride day 12-27-08 Milestone

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xmas gift break-in day!who can make it?
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xmas gift break-in day!who can make it?

is this tim or timmy??

gonna try and make have some fun with you guys..
if this weather keeps up it dosent look good. its suppose to rain wen/thurs also?
yeah it isn't looking to good. I will try and be there if the weather lets us.
light rain only but it wont help the track dry out..
just returned from riding our private lil go to track (fun)
TNP is trying to get on that (private) track list, we have been little spot, Tim did Cully hook you up?
yeh he did and ryan d its great, good work out and 10 mins away (its great to have good friends:))
RidinSlow124 said:
For sure

glad to see you guys back

Hey Josh,how is shawn doing I heard he crashed last night.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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