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My bike is road legal and gets used most of the time just to get around on.
But being employed at race track has its perks, one being free acces to the track.

Here is the problem:
I will like to keep using the bike as a go getter on the road, and that means it has to be legal (atleast when doing so)
But I will also like running unstricted, on the track after work :)

So I'm looking for a way to make it temporary legal when Im on the road, and then with relative ease being able to derestric it, to enjoy living ;)
I will like to make the govenor/ restriction externaly controlable, to avoid doing any dissasembly each time I use it on the track. Which will be almost every day, so it has to be easy to do and undo.

Keeping legal on the road means it can maxium go 21 MPH!!
The Diy restriction should not catch interested eyes ;)
Im up for anything, electric or mechanical.

The engine :
72cc zongshen 139fmb
ac cdi
19mm carburetor

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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