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ok im not trying to bag on anyone here but something is a little wierd at Tbolt. I emailed them wondering about the HRc frame and was just asking a few questions. like whats it made out of, can i get spare subframes, is it a cradle mount and if the frame is as strong as or close to some of the big name fraems (being that its chinese). So this is the email i get back hi

we have one frame here

i can review the aluminum piece and respond

hope this helps

please do understand at this price your getting a china frame

yes it chromo and its very HD and re-inforced

but the may be some small concessions to be made and small obsticals to over come if you get this product and its not to your liking it can be returned


we will NOT refund our shipping cost

i hope this helps

this is a nice frame for a great price

im not really sure what this means, that its a good frame or what, so i emailed them back asking exactly what this ment but they still havent responded. I know they are very good people over but i dont think a company should sell something they dont really back up. Could someone try to make any sence of this. Thanks Brandon, and NO im not trying to bash TBOLt jsut trying to find out what this means.
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I'm pretty sure you should just email Vince back, no one on this forum is going to be able to tell what Vince meant when he emailed you.
i did email him back but i never got a responce, i know this is not like them but maybe CRkid could help me out.
CRkid is Vince.Just call him.Hes not much of a typer.
lilminis said:
i did email him back but i never got a responce, i know this is not like them but maybe CRkid could help me out.

well crkid is vince. he is the one you are emailing with. problems you can run into and i have and am currently dealing with are mounting points for things like the coil and cdi shock location and the one i always end up having a problem with is the rear brake master cylinder mount. you might have to fab some stuff cause what you have might not be right for the frame you get. so basically you would receive a semi universal heavy duty cradle frame that may or may not need some fab work to fit your application. sometimes that's part of the fun in building your own bike! good luck.
ok well then if it hit or miss then i think im going to pass on this frame. The only way im going to buy a frame and spend my money when im only 15 years old(money is hard to get when you dont have a job) is when i know everything is going to bolt up with out any to big of problems. thanks Brandon...
yeah my bike i just got for Christmas is a full mod but the only thing stock is the frame(guy spent 5g on the whole bike but couldn't get the frame. it kills me) so know i have little money and im trying to find a good frame for the money and thought i would support a PM advertiser.
here is my advise since i don't have any experience with this HRC frame. start a thread hat say something like" I have a crf50 and want to upgrade the frame without running into a lot of issues. I am 15 and don't have a lot of money to do the build so i'd like a budget build. I've been looking at the HRC frame from t-bolt. anyone have any experience with a similar build or have any better ideas?" I assure you, you will get a lot of help! hope this helps you!
well i have many times but with little luck, everyone tells me to buy a used frame but they are all like 200 or more. I wish somebody would build a good frame for cheap, i mean its like $50 in material and they sell like for $400. Can someone help me out.
yeah that's true but if you ever have to have anything welded you will see that it's not cheap. all the TIG welders will tell you tungsten rod has almost doubled in price in the past year and also welding is an art and a good welders talent isn't cheap.

the frame is a really important part. I would definitely rather the motor blow up than land and the bike snap in half! you might want to just take it easy and shop around till you get a good deal on a frame. or see about having the current frame braced. maybe start out with buying a cradle for it.
five21racing said:

Friggin' exactly!

BTW, bolting components together with no fabrication is not "building", it's assembling;)
basically you answered your own question

its a good sturdy frame "for the money"

thats it ,if you buy it you may need to fab something depending on your application

we just dont want customers to buy something them be upset if its not exactly right

is this understandable ?

we do thank you for supporting a PM vendor

if you want to get a more common SANO , RED BARRON , CHP or BILLETWARE Frame we can help there as well

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is it possible to weld chromo like steel, if so then i could get the frame thanks.
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