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TB cam in lifan 120 head?

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Has anyone ran the tb cam and sprocket kit in the lifan 120 head? If so, what do you think about it? Just curious to see. I know most people will say run the z40 but I am looking for something that will help it rev once I get it to 145cc but still have plenty of bottom end. This 10 year old needs it in his little quad and his dad wants plenty of power out of corners but a decent top end too. Plans are PE24, tb cam and sprocket, 145cc kit from tbolt, and my backyard port job.
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I've got the TB 300A cam in my Lifan 120, using a Dr ATV 2 hole 32 tooth cam sprocket, works great.
Yeah, that's the same one I am talking about. It's just a package deal w/ the cam and sprocket together. I should have known you have tried it.
I have it in mine. it was reving to 12,500 rpm's
Are you using the 24mm for more bottom end? I was just curious because mostly everybody uses the 26.
Trail Bikes has the same 32t sprocket. SO you can get the cam and sprocket from them. The cam works great with the big cc motors.
Well, I had the PE24 laying around so I threw it up there. And yes he needs more bottom end and throttle response than anything else. It made a good improvement over what was up there so he should be okay w/ it. I really wish this engine was a gpx so it would have a bit more torque off the bottom. But, I guess it's close enough.
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