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For that kit you shouldnt worry about anything. Wont run hot, and the reliability should be perfect, although I would say save just alittle more and get the one with the 20mm carb and cam, they are worth a good bit more performance and worth the little extra money.

And yeah HD clutch springs will be a must or they will burn out. HD valve springs arnt really needed. But if you was to go with the kit with carb and cam, you could have your head ported to match the bigger intake if you got the one with intake for Race or ported heads, as a ported head will make a big difference over a stock port head. If you did that then I would say put in some HD valve springs (preferably xr70 valve springs) just because you would have to take the valves out anyways. Oh yeah one more thing, a HD timing chain is a very good idea, as the stock one will stretch under the added torque and power.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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