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I have a tb108 motor that i am parting out. It has very low hours and all parts are in great shape.

The crank: A tb 51mm crank. Barely used. I cannot feel any play in the needle bearings, and the ball bearings are in good shape.

The tranny: A bone stock 3 spd in great running condition

The clutch: Auto clutch, it may be a heavy duty, i dont know how to check

The cylinder: A kitaco 52mm jug. I can hone it for you if you request. The bore is in pretty good shape. No scoring, no rust.

The piston & rings: I have a brand new tb 52mm piston kit that sells for $60 regularly.

The head: The head has 25-22mm valves. They have been run about 1 hr since they have been lapped.

I also have the engine cases

I have a 20mm Kehin carb w/ intake

I have a stator w/ lighting coil.

I DO NOT have the flywheel

I also have the cam chain, the bolts, and all the little pieces for the motor.

$250 shipped takes the entire motor. (In Pieces) I might negotiate

If I dont sell the entire motor I will sell individual parts/pieces.

Im paypal ready.

For info, PM me, or text me at 541-671-0952

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