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Tapet Breather Hose collecting Condensation?

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I just got my Tapet Breather kit installed from took it out and rode and it does seem a tad snappier, but i noticed that the hose hooked to the new tapet is collecting moisture like someone is putting their mouth to one end and breathing... (condensation).

Is this normal? Should i be worried about the moisture goin back into the engine?
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I have the same problem Ijust cut peace of foam and put it in the end near the fender.
do you have a picture of it?
this happens to them all, it makes me wonder why a filter isnt included. i just put a small uni hose filter on 'er and its clean as hell. the only thing i dont like 'bout the breathers are when your bike gets upside down. oh and i didnt like the idea of having the hose out under the fender so i put it by the airfilter, just up under the gastank.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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