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Takegawa super head 88 engine

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I 'm listing a complete takegawa 88 superhead engine with the cheap takegawa manual clutch on it ,a pe 24 carb, new takegawa intake but no boot on it, clutch cable and lever and a stock cdi box. This motor was built in 08 and ran an 8 race series ,since then it was just a yard cruiser. The oil was changed every race with motul and air filter was always kept clean. The head was never ported and shows no signs of wear on the valves and very little carbon on the piston. There are no stripped holes or cracks on the cases and the stator assy is spotless .Looking for $600.00 plus shipping ,and will ship day after payment is made .I have a positive 186 on ebay under the same name.

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If i wasnt broke id buy it for sure thats a great price

free mid week bumpage for you MrWhip
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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