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Takegawa s-stage jetting????

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Hi Guys,

I am still having big probs tryin to get this carb tuned in (Keihin 18mm),

When I fitted the kit it came with a #92 Main fitted & a #85 in a bag.

3/4 to W/O Throttle seems good after fitting 85 jet.

My prob is 0-1/2 Throttle, when quite cold if you apply any rev it will stall, I tried putting out the choke a little & it revs fine, 3/4 choke & it splutteres. Even when hot Down low it does not seam to have much power,

My needle clip was in the middle slot, & I tried lifting it 1 slot but my 50 would not even start.

(It almost seems that it runs super lean untill it warms up & then quite rich, once it is up to temp).

Also the air screw, I was told to run the bike, close the air screw, & slowly open untill idle speeds up & once it starts to splutter turn back 1/4 turn? Is this correct?, Any pointers please guys??
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With that carb. depending on the weather and altitude, you will have to move the needle clip DOWN, this raises the needle and will make it run a litttle richer. The pilot/air screw regulates, idle - 1/4 (in=rich, out=lean), needle about 1/8 - 3/4 (up=lean, down=rich), and the main jet 1/4 - full throttle, obviously the larger the number the richer the mixture. Hope this helps. Good luck.


this is what i did on my 88cc with the 18mm carb. first take that trashy filter that it comes with and throw it in the trash. get a uni foam filter and try not to completely soak it in oil when you oil it. just put lite coats of oil on it. I went down to a 82 main jet with the 35 pilot and ran the needle in the middle. it would not run perfect until in got COMPLETELY warmed up, but after that it ran great.
Thanks for the reply, :D ,I have been pulling ma hair out tryin to get running right, I put a UNI Foam filter on last night & gonna try & re jet tonite.

Will any brand main carb jet work??, (82), or will I need to buy Keihin Jets??

yes you need to buy keihin main jets, you should be able to pick one up at your local motorcycle shop, just bring the jet with you so they can see what it looks like, or you can order some from where your got your big bore kit. you may be able to get by with running the 85 main jet depending on your altitude and stuff. remember not to put too much oil on the filter or it will not run right but dont put too less cause it wont stop the dirt then. well let us know how it works. (this is how i oiled my filter, get a big ziplock bag and i used spray pj1 foam filter oil and sprayed it in the ziplock, just coated the whole bag, then i put my filter in the ziplock and rubbed the bag all over the filter, seemed to work great, not too much oil but just enough.)

Hey Kiwi,

Dont mix jets, they wont fit anyway Keihin and the mikuni are different.

what are the jets that you have? use the 82 main or the 85 main. start

with the clip in the middle then go from there. Air screw about 1 1/4 turn

out then adj. the idle. its going to stumble till it gets warm. make sure

there are no air leaks from the carb to the cylinder.

The way the tight clearences are with the carb and the frame

make sure the intake sits right on the carb and cylinder. also I run my

throttle cable under the gas tank mount. throttle cable adj. is important

too. Good choice on the foam filter. I also now that I think of it had

problems with my float levels check them and recheck them. the brass

tab on the floats that the check valve rides on is sensitive its got to be just

right let use know how it turns out????

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Thanks oldschool,

I an pretty sure, (I will have to check tonite) that that carb came in the Takegawa kit with a #92? fitted, & a #85 in a bag.

I will try & find a jet local, but might have to order a few.

Thanks for your help, I will let you know.. :)
hey Kiwi,

that 92main is way to rich use the 85main order a 82 main or find one at

a motorcycle dealer

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Hey Kiwi,

look closely at the 92 maybe it an #82?

if it is use it.

Thats what I was thinking Oldschool, all I can make out is the 2 on the jet, Cant tell weither it is an 8 or 9 in front though, rather than chance it

I have an #82 on order, should be in today. Thanks
Hey dude,

that jet is an #82 not a #92 they dont make a #92 they make a #95

Wicked thanks dude, Im just about to get off work & I will fit it tonite, Thanks heaps.... :D
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