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Hello everyone, so its my 1st time that i am putting a Takegawa +R 4SM on my motor and i've got some questions i hope you guys can helpt me out :)

1st of all i have a 54mm crank, what cam chain do i need to buy ? How many "teeth" ? 84 or 86? I've noticed the cam sprocket of the Takegawa head is larger than my old head sprocket. (I used to use 84 teeth cam chain)

2dn Ive noticed that Takegawa cam sprocket has 2 marks on it instead of 1, does anybody know why?

and 3rd my camshaft is Takegawa S35 cam, what filler gauge number should i use on both valves to properly adjust the valves with this specific camshaft?

thank you guys in advance!
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