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Takegawa 54mm jug and piston For SALE

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I bought these and thought it was an 88cc for the stock head. It is not. I have been told it is the jug and piston for a 124cc stroker. I will trade for a tb stock 88cc kit as well. takegawa is on the piston and jug, also have pin and rings.

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I have a Takegawa 88cc cylinder and brand new 52mm Takegawa piston. Lets do this!

I will also buy if you don't want to trade. Either way just let me know...
What head are you needing a 88 kit for? I gotz.
All I need is the piston, and can swap for yours. Mark can swap you a new 52x63 jug, I'd bet;)
stop by my house and pick out a bore kit from my motor shelf, I will trade you.
I got ya covered if you want to drive out here. Good chance for me to meet another planetminis local.
CrawlerD said:
Will trade for this.

Honda Trail Bikes

My kit is the same things just better b/c its Takegawa. Let me know if you want to trade. If not, I'll buy that TB kit and have it sent to you.

I just need this to put in my motor before my next race.
so how much are you looking to get if you don't trade?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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