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With the help of TB Parts & Panic Grip designs the Tech Data section has been revised and Updated

Recently Danos bike shop Tech info site went down and Many TB Parts Install tips with it.

We Uploaded quite a bit of this now to our Tech Data section

TB Race head install

TB Manual clutch install and more

Mikuni Super Tuning guide


Panic Grip revised it into main categories for ease of use

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We us an old school trick to fit the kickers and shifters to the spline snugly

At times the pinch bolt wont have enough force to put the proper pressure on to make the shifter/kicker sung

Take the pinch bolt out of the kicker/shifter

put the unit in a bench vise and give it a lil squeeze to close up the gap

Also to open the gap use a 1/4" Standard screwdriver in the slot

Tap it in till the gap open up just enough to slip it over the shaft

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How to re-install the clutch washers / Plate on a rear clutch motor

With the clutch basket in place:

1)Place the thicker slotted washer on the main shaft and turn 1/8 turn to expose the slots in the shaft

2)Place the thinner pronged washer points down or tward the engine

3)Place the Hub with threaded towers down / centered

4)Stack plates starting with fiber first , aligning inner tabs

5)Place hub down , washer , tighten lock nut

Mechanical Theory:

The Basket can spin freely on the main shaft

and the hub is locked to the main shaft

the two only connect via the friction of the clutch plates

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Thanks to Panic Grip i can add more info directly to our online Tech Data Base again

Way to go man !!

Just added:

Understanding Cam Gear Ratios - TBolt USA Tech Database!

4 Stroke engine crankshaft/camshaft gear ratio is always 2:1, which means that for every two revolutions of the crankshaft the camshaft will rotate through one revolution.

This is a 2:1 ratio and must always remain

The top cam sprocket will have twice as many teeth as the crankshaft cam-chain sprocket.

Typically, Honda 50 and 50-110cc Chinese engines and Lifan 140, have 28 tooth cam sprockets.

Jailing and GPX and YX 140 engines have a 32 Tooth cam sprocket.

When installing a performance camshaft you may replace the cam sprocket but only due to the bolt pattern.

The new cam sprocket must have the same tooth count as the original sprocket.

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BIG KLX TYPE Pit bike motor port TECH DATA


A type head - Honda intake & Honda EXH ports

B type head - KLX intake & KLX EXH ports


B type head - KLX intake & EXH ports

C type head - KLX intake & Honda EXH ports

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To add just a little, The ZS heads have different cam and tappet covers, so when switching to a v2 or +R head you will need KLX style covers to finish it off.

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We have been adding to the tech data over the years as we have more info to share
here is a cool one from a great PM member

Microphone Pipe

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Cool feedback !!


I just wanted to say thanks for such a great TB 88cc kit install info. I got into a jam installing my race cam in my crf50 and your tech database got me through it. Just wanted to say your customer service is A++++ and I will send all my friends to Tboltusa

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Here is a check list we use for going over the bikes after every race / ride
Bike Maintenance Record and Checklist
Could be helpful
Bike Maintenance Record and Checklist
PartChecked? Y / NNotes
Chain adjustment/lube
Rear sprocket
Front sprocket
Air filter
Front tire
Rear tire
Front fork alignment
Throttle and cable
Clutch and cable
Oil filter
Oil fliter O ring
Front brake
Front wheel bearings
Front wheel spokes
Body bolts
Steering head
Rear shock
Rear shock linkage
Rear wheel bearings
Rear brake
Rear wheel spokes
Rear sprocket bolts
Seat bolts
Front chain slider
Rear chain guide
Chain roller wheels
Valve adjustment
Motor mounts
Cylinder head mounts
Carb vent lines
Crankcase vent
Piston kit
Spark plug
Spark plug cap
Swingarm pivot
Peg mount bolts
Skid plate
Oil slinger/screen
Clutch basket
Clutch nut
Additional notes:

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I get a lot of jetting questions at for these lil 4 strokes
three things that could be helpful
First off the bike may not be running perfect due to other factors beside the carb and you should make a few checks before digging into the carb
most common are
Intake leak
exhaust leak
tight valves

Second you cant really tune a bike sitting on a stand
you gotta ride it

Third these lil 4 strokes do not run pumper carbs so they will stumble off the bottom unless you run a little rich on the pilot
Here is a tech email I often send out

Please go through these steps:
Oil your air filter:…

Engine and Carb quick check list:…

To Check Valve lash (Tappet adjustment):…

Jetting guide:…

Most of the time you can tune new bikes in with the needle and brass screw adjustments and not need to change jets
Tims TB20 jetting tech:
The 20mm ShengWay carb is relatively easy to tune right out of the box.
It comes with the #89 main and a #35 pilot jet
baseline setting:
I use the #90 or #92 main jet, the #38 or #40 pilot jet, set the jet needle e-clip in the 3rd or 4th notch from the top, and the air screw at 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 turns OUT from seated. Make the necessary air screw adjustments IN to richen it a 1/4-turn at a time and see what the bike does. With some of the carbs, I've run it to within a 1/2-turn of being all the way IN to get rid of 98% of the off-idle hesitation.
You might have to raise or lower the clip on the needle, depending upon your altitude,
I'm at sea level.

Also be advised that the above settings are for use with an aftermarket or bigger valved head, not the stock head.
You might want to try the stock carb jetting first, due to the smaller stock head intake port.
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