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"suzuki" engine cover

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Can anyone help me with this?

Does anyone know if the engine heat cover (left hand side the piece that 3 screws hold on/round piece) for a Suzuki drz110 says "suzuki" on the part?

I have the cover that says "kawasaki" but I want to change it over to suzuki, since technically thats what my bike was badged.

Yeah, I know they are the same bike, just wanting it to say suzuki.

I think in the OEM schematic it it part number 14091


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I was hoping someone who had a Suz 110 might know....

got to be stock suzuki110 out there somewhere

ive got a drz and a klx. the klx says kawasaki, but the suzuki is blank.
no wonder you guys "drew a blank";)

ok hoky joke i know

if anybody knows of a cover that says suzuki, post it up please?

thanks for all replies, and merry christmas

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my 05 DRZ had a big S in it? idk just check with your dealer and order an OEM one.
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