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Suspension question.

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I am new to this site. I just recently baught a pitster pro x2. Can anyone help me with how to adjust the compression on the forks????
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in to make it stiffer out to make it softer....depends on how u ride (skill level) and ur weight....rebound comes in to play also....but you must setup the sag for the shock and get the rear straightened out 1st...then move to the can do all kind of adjustments to the front but if the rear is not tracking correctly (setup) it will make the ride seem all that more un-controllable....suspension is a hard thing to get perfect via email/chat/pm' is different for every rider....ya can get ballpark and then fine tune from there....a good idea is to find a track and have someone video tape you...ride the bike as hard as you feel comfortable with and then anylyze the video...use varying terrain...the video will help show you where u need to improve your bike
Is that adjustment on the bottom of the forks? and if so, is it supposed to be really tight? Because i tried to turn it but i stopped because it was so hard to turn.
do you have inverted forks???? send me a pic plz
Yes they are inverted. here are some pictures of the top of the forks and the bottom.

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sorry having some trouble posting pictures.
does the top of the right fork look exactly like the left....a screw with an "R"
well then u sir have forks that only have a rebound change the compression u will have to change the preload ( replace springs or put in spacers) sorry...the next modle up fork had adjustable compression and rebound
Thanks. i appreciate your help.
no prob...I am sure u would help me if I asked...that is what the forum is all about Bro'
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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