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Suspension Options...would like some help

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If you read my other post, you'd know I just bought a 2004 CRF50 and plan on building it up and POSSIBLY racing tracks with it (driving in the neighborhood in the meantime). I am 17 years old.... 5'8" with only 115lbs.

Alot of question has arose in me as far as which suspension system to use. I was originally looking at the BBR sp-5 fork kit WITH big bars (since i want the bbr BMX bar kit), but a buddy of mine suggests just using a set of front stiffer spring and a rear stiffer shock spring.

I am asking all of you what you think about this? I only weigh 115, and If i hit a jump, I don't really want to be breaking or bottoming anything out on my bike. He suggested the applied springs setup. Would a set of stiffer applied racing springs and a rear applied shock work for me even on jumps?! He then suggest a 1" longer fork lower section which would be able to handle more than the stock honda lowers...

What do you guys suggest? Either way, i'd have to find a way to get the BBR big bar kit. $460 for front forks + bbr bar kit plus a new rear shock and swingarm.....

OR - like 260 for the applied front springs, applied rear spring , new tougher fork lowers AND bbr bar kit.

If you think the simple spring option would work just fine for my weight and height, what brand?! Is applied the best?
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Well you could go the stiff spring route but I almost guarentee your not going to like the ride. Itll be very stiff and not very plush at all. Like I was tellin ya I still think the BBR SP-5 and a ishock on the rear will be absolutely best. You will get almost double the travel and the ride will be much smooother.
Putting the stiffer spring on your bike makes it feel like your sittin gon a brick. I'd say buy the ishock w/o res. and some stiffer fork springs.

It's a cheaper alternative then the sp-5 but it makes a huge difference.
go with the bbr kit and ishock, you will be sooo much happier.

i was riding my friends 50 that had a stiffer rear spring on it, it was so harsh i thought it was stock still. then he told me it has a stiffer spring on it, i couldnt beleive it!
Run the BBR Forks and I shock, and foes or Five-O swing arm. That would be the ticket. My old 50 had the stiff springs and it was cool but does not compare to the BBR Forks and I shock!
I am trying to factor in functionality AND price here. what about stiffer front springs, +1 front fork lowers....

then a works connection shock on the back? My buddy is selling his used one.
SpLiZaaT said:
I am trying to factor in functionality AND price here. what about stiffer front springs, +1 front fork lowers....

then a works connection shock on the back? My buddy is selling his used one.

Stiffer fork springs are $50

Sano +1 forklegs are $139

You can get the ishock w/o res for $179

If you go through DPM as a planet minis member you will get 10% off of your order.
a buddy of mine works at the hugest motorcycle shop here in oregon and he is seeing what he can do for me, I will check if he can find an ishock but i know he can get the other stuff
i am just comming off of stiffer springs, IMO there not as bad as everyone is making them out to be, yea there no i shock or bbr sp5's but there 1,000,000 times better than stock i have never ridden with + 1 forklegs but for messing around i wouldn't bother save your money for forks down the line but for the money stiffer springs are worth getting first.
Here is what I'd do

- Fork Springs

- +1 Fork Legs WITH BUSHINGS

- I-Shock

- Five-O, Sano, or Foes Swingarm

- and a 12" front wheel to even out the ride 8)

...just my .02 cents
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sPLIZAT .. Have ya asked Milan about hooking the ishock up ??? We just got our BBR SP5 fork kits in and ishocks will be here Friday. The website gives some decent pricing good luck on 60mph mark !! We just sold 2 bone stock 72cc motors w/ Semi-Auto 4spd's and they topped @ 45mph it was a blast !!! I know they could do 55-60 no problem but the key here is 4th gear :)

L8 has a standard ishock for $155.99. My bud just bout one from them, very good deal. I just bout a LE ishock from xr50racer at Holeshot for $300.
I have the stiff fork springs and +1 legs with bushings and disk on my (half) other bike. They do not even compare to my BBR's. So bad, and Applied springs are THE worst. It makes the forks a pogo stick from hell! The stiff rear spring I am runningis garbage, dont get it either.

Definately Save up for BBR forks!
yea go to they have good prices on ishocks w/ or w/o res. great deal on those!!!! :lol:
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