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Had this around for my SM 110 with 65 forks. Will come complete with Dunlop TT91, brake rotor and bearings. You will need your have to swap your dust seals back and forth. I mounted a 2.15x12" black rim to the front and powdercoated the hub black to match. I have roughly 500 in this front wheel.


The rear setup is a Bigminis hub, the carrier has been welded on. The first generation hubs had a problem of them comming loose. This one wont do it. The sprocket bolts backed out and wallowed out the holes for the bolts... I was able to get longer sprocket bolts and nut them on the backside after this happened. However, a buddy (that has a machine shop) of mine is going to weld them up, re-drill & tap them. It can be fixed before it goes to a new home, the choice is yours. Also has a 2.15x12 rim mated to the hub... comes with bearings, dunlop TT91, and the rear disc brake. This setup was NOT cheap. Check out what a rear hub can be bought from from BigMinis then add it all up. You will be SHOCKED at the final price tag.

$320 fixed

$250 as is


469-396-7623 cell

817-825-2649 wk

Here is a pic of them on the bike.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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