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Supermoto Setup

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After attending the AMA Supermoto race yesterday out in Tooele I got hooked. I would like some setup tips(like do I want my suspension to be real stif? or should I lower my clamps so it drops my frontend?) from you guys that are experienced with this. I have a PitsterPro x4r, I'll be getting a set of supermoto wheels (12"12")and tires from Pitster.

Thanks for the help.
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go to supermoto ask all your questions that's how I got mine setup with the help of the junkies
i had the kendas that come with the x2 motard wheels, but those things are very unstable on the street. I love the bt601's that I have now, and the x4 makes a great mid size motard, you will enjoy!

I just wish I could get that damn rear caliper bled, the brakes are the only cheap part of the x4 I dont like.

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I wouldn't go dropping your triples just yet. You'll lose 1" in the front when those 12" SM wheels go on. A little goes a long ways with rake and trail.
my setup with 10" I went to a smaller rear tire than whats in the pic. I am running both front and rear with 3.00 Bridgestone bt39ss with 1.6 front rim and 2.15 rear rim

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How about stiffness on the suspension? What spring? Should I be worried about brakes heating up and fading?
The brakes on the x4 do need some fine adjusting, I think im gonna try a cr85 swap or something along those lines. Get rid of the stock fluid and add some real break fluid like Galfer or Motul. I stiffened up the stock suspension just by adjusting the rebound/preload and so far that seems to work fine for me
Get the front brakes from a terra moto they bolt onto the marzocchi forks they work great.
since my last post above i reassembled my rear caliper and master cylinder, flush, filled, and bled them using a MityVac (the only way to do these brakes).

Thats exactly what they needed was a complete flush with Galfer fluid, a good bleed and a proper adjusting and now the work TO GOOD. Im gonna have to tone them down some, im locking the rear way to easy now. Now all i have to do is work on the front and I will take back every bad thing I said about the brakes
Yeah the stock Pitster brakes work great after you go through them I have raced Motard with them and they worked great.
Raney120 said:
Yeah the stock Pitster brakes work great after you go through them I have raced Motard with them and they worked great.

Haven't used mine yet, but they feel much better after the swap. Much more progressive feeling instead of the stock mystery squeeze.
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