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Stroked "sleeper" 75 kit

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The question remains:

Is It possbile to stroke a 75 kit?? I wanan keep my motor looking stock but I want it to haaul! Would I be better off to take it to an engine place And get them to stroke it for me?

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yea i think you can, dunno for sho tho
Its possible to stroke anything thats not already stroked I believe. But theres not 1 made for it.
ya it would be like a 100cc motor give or take with a 52mm stroker crank
your gonna loose alot without a carb and intake.
With a 52mm stroker it would give you a 95cc engine,

48mm piston X 52mm Stroke=95cc. And to give it that extra fuel that it will want you can get a xr70 carb which is 17mm and a 70 intake to match. This will have your bike flat out hauling and still look stock.
Take your stock jug and have it bored and honed out to match a 51mm Pstn kit. Than have a 52mm crank installed and make sure you have a trimmed skirt pstn to match the crank. Throw a xr70 head w/larbger valves on and have ported if you like. This is a sleeper we run and you cannot tell at all. Its a very controlled power that you can really rock on .

The most important thing we have noticed when we build the motor is it is more important to have a fast reving motor than a real large cc motor.

We have the above motor with a inner roter kit and the Tak. 3 speed tranny/clutch kit that takes all the weight off the crank and lets it twist like a 2-stroke, and i really mean like a 2-stroke. The inner rotor you can't see but when you add the clutch it gets costly and you can see it for sure

The above motor is = 106cc

add just the inner rotor and you got a sleeper that you will be able to really control and kick some ass on.
for a clutch u can get a kitaco one (the beefed up ct style) and eff it up a bit, put hack mrks n the case and get it all dirty, be like YUP just picked up this bad boy at aold honda shop, things a 1975 ct 70, it hauls tho 8) and everyone will laugh at u then u will start her up and hold it pinned and beat them adn then u can laugh at them :lol:
Here is what I've done and seen we use a high compression 75cc piston on a jug that sais 49cc pull your crank out have a machinest install a longer rod on your crank but in a differant location on the crank so your rod doesn't puch threw your head this gives you a mild stoker that revs like a mad dog and gives you that stock cheater look .

PS. trust me some one will question you on this because this motor will pull like a 88cc
just to let u kno matt already has a 75 kit with 18mm carb and intake, he just wants to stoke it, nothing else. will stroke your stock crank. Check them out they did mine.
I love it when I get my crank stroked. lol

I will jsut take it to Bondi Engines. A Respectible engine builder in Ontario.
is there any other companies that will stroke my 75cc
About how much does it cost to get a stock crank stroked?
We charge 345.00 to stroke a xr50


complete stroked crank (new unit)

crank bearings/seals

engine gasket kit


Add 50.00 for a pstn kit that will match your head and crank choice.

Note: these prices are estimates, pricing may change do to condition of motor and internals.
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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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