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Stratos Forks Now Available @ Sik50s!!

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Just alittle info for you guys out there, Bruce Stavron is a rep for Stratos Forks. The forks you call Stavrons are actually Stratos SR6 forks but the hub adapter for now is a product of Stavron Motorsports.

Us at Sik50s are now Distributing this product line. The Stratos SR6 gives unbelieveable performance. When I worked for the past 50 company I had the pleasure to be able to ride 1st the Hanebrink then the Bombshell high end forks. At the time they were both top notch in there own ways and still are great forks if that is wut your looking for.

The Stratos SR6 are a in a completely different catagory! Well the others are simple but effective cartridge forks the Stratos SR6 are oil bath high speed forks that make you have to take a step back and make you think is this for real!

Not only are these forks good but the are total adjustable. Rebound and compression allow you to dial the fork right on the money. The SR6 comes with the fork set up with medium springs but offers soft and hard as well. The springs allow you to change the forks not just 3 ways but minimum 6 ways as there are 2 springs in each leg.

Since it is oil bath it comes with 215cc of 5weight fork oil in each leg. You can also add or change the amount of fork oil and weight just like the the fork legs on the 04 CRF250. I recommend adding oil or adding heavier oil before messing with the springs as that alone makes a huge difference.

The range of fork oil you can use is 5wt -15wt 215cc in each leg to 245 in each leg!

Do the dials work? heck ya they do! Our pro rider Chris Denney from Denney designs was a little uneasy to race with the Stratos SR6 at 1st. Said he loved the way his Sik50 forks and that was wut he wanted to run. Being a high speed fork you can tell they work but not till you get them in the ruff do you really know there true potential!

We asked him to try the SR6 before before we had to take the time to remove them.

The day before Vegas he went to Gorman now known as I-5 track. With a few adjustments and a few laps Denney said he loved them and do not remove them! I road the forks as well and was blown away with how well they react. It felt like I had my big bike forks on my CRF50. The forks dont clank, rattle, stick, squick, grind and yes the high end brake set stops it dead on a dime!

We at Sik50s are proud to bring you this fine front fork set up! Are they worth the big ticket price? Without a dought! Stratos SR6 are the next generation in high end forks!

Available now at

Later Atom RoTTeN
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We have a proto type already done. I would say 1 month or less. The set up that Stavron made works great as well! So if your wanting to get rolling now its not a bad way to go. The fork also can use an adapter to make it work with your stock brake and rim. Get the forks now and save disk with hub later.

Later Atom RoTTeN
i could not find the forks on the site...have you updated it??

that 50 roadracer bike is verryyy cool
i will be puting the stuff up by monday morning on the fork.

Later Atom RoTTeN
its now thursday and nothing still........... :(
This coming monday sorry lol

Later Atom RoTTeN
Will you still buy them directly from Stavron or how does that work. If so, why would I want them from sik50, when Stavron already has a hub?
We are making a full billet hub with spokes as well as a fully functional conversion to allow your stock front hub and break to work on it. It will be finished in the next week.

The conversion will allow you to get the Stratos forks then you can up grade later or buy the finished product all at once! Call or email [email protected] to reserve your set!

Later Atom RoTTeN
rotten ur avatar is gonna gimme a seizure :|
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