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Looks to be one of the funnest bikes ever!!!

What the heck class are you going to race that in???

VET +35??

haha, yeah I sold this bike a couple months back,, but I have been thinking about building another one for vegas but in a 12/14.

I thought about calling up Becky at Minimoto and seeing if we could get the Stock class to allow a disc brake conversion to the stock swingarm and forks so that we can include the Pitster bike with disc brakes into this class. It would be a win win for me and pitster and to people that just want to make a kick azz Stock mod with disc brakes,, by far the most fun I have ever had on a 10" bike,, I would say most fun on any bike but I would have to say that my Z50 bike is the most fun i have ever had on a bike by far!! hahahaah

See you in a couple months Larry

NOTE: This front disc brake adapter kit will be out shortly,, so if you want some let me know, thanks.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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