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Storm or Hanebrink disc brake???

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Any input or advice about which setup to go with??

Storm looks like it has a larger rotor, which is a plus since I do mostly street riding.

The downside is that it's cable driven.:cry: ...or is that an upside because it's simpler and parts are readily available...???

The Hanebrink setup is hydraulic, but it seems to have a smaller rotor and the handlebar mount looks plastic... plus it has a funky lever that might be hard to find a replacement for..??? :?

there isn't too much price difference between the two, about $30.

What do you guys think??
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For a cable driven disk brake, the Storm Cycles system is awesome. The disk is 8" rather than 6" which is what the hydraulic systems are. I'd still be running it except I have a Sano front end now. It did take some work to get set up right but was as good as hyd in my not-so-humble opinion. I can't speak for the Hanebrink as I've never used one.
the hanebrink setup is only for the their forks.

if you want the best of the best.
Motomofo1 said:
the hanebrink setup is only for the their forks.

Oh yeah, I guess I didn't see that. :oops:

Makes my decision a little easier :wink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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