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stoppie pics

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post up your favorite

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Is that santa claus hat D.O.T. approved? Nice stoppie!
haha i wish it was dot approved. i want to velco one to my helmet for the big bike
frankiewhipit said:
Here's my little guy (8 at the time) on his KLX 110

now that is sick. you need to throw him on to a big bike when he can touch the ground
He aint got to touch the ground just the pegs!
haha that works to. just get the wheelies out of his system before he hits the streets. or atleast know he can controll them. lol
comeon yall. i know more of yal have some gansta stoppie pics. show us you favorite big stoppie on you little bike. or even you o-**** pics. lol

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not a mini but oh well:roll: i can roll em 300 and 18o em. if i had video i would post it.


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haha thats what mine looked like before i put it over the bars the firstime
You are suppose to leave you feet on the pegs and ride it out!!!!!
PDMokry said:
Gotta rep us fiddy squids!
hell yea starting to wonder if i was the only one active on here
USMCRay all I see i a blank portrait for a nice 50 track there..Maybe santa can bring in some dirt?
1 - 20 of 50 Posts
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