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Stockton Motorplex

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So yesterday I headed out to Stockton for some supermotor practice sessions. I was a pretty fun day. There were a few different classes they were running. I started off running with the pocket bikes but moved to a different class after two sessions. The Pockets were just too slow and it seemed like a better match to run with eh derbies and YSRs.

Stockton runs practice on Mondays and Tuesdays and has a race schedule up on there web site.

Here are there class standings that fiddys can run in.

4 Stroke Classes

11. Junior Stars (ages 5-9) Honda XR50, PW50 JR50 ok, any tire (no knobbies) 50cc max, after market pipe,

12. Unlimited Mini (ages 10-up) Honda XR50 based bike, engine max 110cc, any chassis, tire, brake mod.

13. Stock Thunder- 4 stroke dirt based bike up to 125cc (i.e. XR, DRZ, TTR, KLX) no mods allowed other than tires and controls (bars, levers, grips etc.)

must run stock pipe and airbox etc..

14. Unlimited Thunder- Modified 4 strokes up to 170cc, any wheel, tire, brake or chassis

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they brought back the xr50 class ?Last I heard matt cancelled it
That place looks like fun Brad .... Will you be able to make it to the next xr50 motard thing down here ? Maybee we should have one up there too ...
nadaposer said:
they brought back the xr50 class ?Last I heard matt cancelled it

Hey i just showed up for a cheep 20 $ track day.

Im sure if enough 50 riders started showing up he would bring back the race classes.

On the last practice fday we had at least 10 fiddys there.
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