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stock to 50 cal swing arm

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lookin to add a 50 cal swing arm ... stage 1 88cc big bore and the 3 speed man clutch... am i making a good choice for this ... its for an 08 crf 50 brand new... if u can let me kno it ba alota help
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ya if ur gonna get the extended swing arm u might want to add either +1 fork leg extensions with heavy duty springs or a new set of forks to even out the ride. i have heard that alot of the 50 cal stuff isnt great quality though but i mean if ur just gonna have it for back yard fun that would be fine. also a heavy duty rear stock shock spring or a new shock would work out alot better than stock. it all depends on how much u weigh.
tru dat 50cal stuff has the strength of wet tissue it has been said
who would u recomend for the swing arm and shock... im around 200 lbs
200lbs...yep no way 50cal from what I have heard..CHP would be a good way to go....
on the shock maybe an Elka or works...I have a Kitaco but it is a stock style replacement with a heavier spring and better adjustments other than spring preload I think...depends on what you are going to do with your bike...if you are moto crossn..I would suggest a fully adjustable..if your stuntn not so much
how about the big bore kit and the clutch.... i was gunna go wit 50 cal for those too.... shuld i also go else where
I would go with CHP also maybe TB (Trail Bikes)..I have a TB HD auto clutch on my kids 50 (88) on the Ebay for about $67..I am using a CHP lite 88 kit with a E22 70 style race head (massaged by Firepower) and a DRATV domed great...from what most people say u should stay away from 50cal
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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