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Stock size chromo frame

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Is fast50s the only company that makes a stock size chromo frame? i want to keep my 50 a "50" if you know what i mean, and im not very big so i dont need a extended frame.
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i think so but u might beable to talk to vince a.k.a (skindonor) he might beable to help u out with that 8) 8) 8)
Frame braces work OK If your only worried abuot flex. But you also have the fact that the mounting point for the swingarm pivot bolt mushrooms really bad. That can only be fixed with a stronger frame. Ive also seen shock mounts bust off and bend bad which is from using the stock frame as well.
I worry about frame braces because they add stress to the motor mount . I would go with the fast 50's frame strongest stock chromemoly frame on the market.
Nope Chromemoly tig welded and heat treated and the center tube is thicker wall tubing than any other frame out there .
I am of the understanding that the Fast50s frame is not chromoly... but mild steel. Wasnt there another thread about it somewhere?
fast 50's claims it to be chromemoly hopr they wouldn't lie in there advertising
looked at the fast 50's site sais chromemoly right on there add for there frame 4130 chromemoly
i don't know about their frames,but swingarms are mild steel.
isent the bbr frame stock length
if bryce bent one (90 something pounds 8O ) then you know it's junK
LogiKal said:
I bent a fast50s frame. :?

how in the hell'd you do that? ive bent a stock frame(+forks) and it was quite a hit.
This should be a good story. 8)

I snapped a frame? stock frames are made of butter. :lol:
Thats exactly what happened to mine. 8O
Didn't stretch it, it's just bent somewhere else, (shrouds stick on top of tank where mounted)
five0addict said:
[quote name='LogiKal']I bent a fast50s frame. :?

how in the hell'd you do that? ive bent a stock frame(+forks) and it was quite a hit.[/quote]

Didnt stretch it, but the shrouds stick out. (a sign of it bent somewhere)
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