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I am sad to see it go but I have decided to part out my stock/mod KLX110. This bike rips and has never had any internal problems. Motor was bought off Carmstrong137 about a year ago. Motor mods were installed by the pitbike master Gary Marshall from STR. This motor rips and is Vegas Legal. Bought the motor with about 6 hours on it and I have put about 20hrs on it(approx: 26hrs). Oil/filter changed every other ride. Valves have been adjusted and are currently in spec. [email protected]

Motor 06'-------$700 shipped

-150 Wiseco/Moto hp piston

-Stock cylinder bored to fit piston

-Takegawa hyper cam

-Two Bros Jet kit

-Trail Bikes HD output shaft

-4th gear shift drum

-Two Brothers Green Skid Plate

-Cases Stripped Silver

-Exhaust Valve Ported

-All Electrical/BBR Rev Box

-Two Bros Air Filter

-IMS shifter

-14t counter sprocket

Suspension & Chassis-----SOLD

-Elka Rear shock (stock length)

-Have original box, super clean.

Forks/bottom clamp included----$100 shipped

-1 BBR HD springs with 15/wt oil

Painted white bottoms

Bridgestone M403

Sano Top Clamp-----SOLD

Sano bars------SOLD


-BBR Gold Rims with stock hubs and spokes

-Spokes are tight and wheels are in good shape

-Includes 36t t3 minis rear sprocket

-Both brake hubs and drive hub/cush drive

-Includes Chain (1 ride only)


Cat 5 Cradle Mount-----$85 Shipped

Two Bros Tall Seat-----SOLD

Plastics-------$70 shipped

-T3 minis plastics

-Have only the 1 white shroud shown,

will be including 2 black shrouds.

-I have brand new shroud graphics never mounted

Gas Tank-----$40 shipped

-Black tank

Frame-------$110 shipped

-White powdercoated frame


+2 Red Baron Swingarm

- Basically Brand new only has 1 ride

- Billet axle blocks/spacers included

Pegs/mount------$88 shipped

-RB pegmount

-Billetware pegs


- Pro Circuit t4 "shorty"

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Pics are a little strange you have KLX forks on the bike in the pics but you have kx65 forks for sale?Stopping mid way on a build?To bad nice looking setup....

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Not sure where you saw kx65 forks for sale on this post, they are just stock forks with 1 BBR HD spring and 15w oil.

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im interested in the wheels

PM me your PayPal address

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