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All is SOLD. If I have anything remaining I will start a new thread

Don't need trades and prices are FIRM! PM me with your email address if you want specific pictures of items.

Takegawa 88 kit with stock head. (needs the little black thing replaced next to the stator which is less then $15 but I'm too lazy to do it. It runs great but does shut off every now and then because of that and needs to be tapped with something and it fires back up no prob)

$275 shipped

(Motor does not come with Shifter, Skidplate, any electrical or Rev box, but will include the carb and kickstarter- Just the motor and carb)

Stock crf50 OEM tank $30.00 SHIPPED(stock gas cap comes with it not the Cold Fusion)

Sano +1 frame Rattle canned black cause I was making everything black and that frame was blue when I got it $185 SHIPPED


Sano black MX bars LIKE NEW $30 SHIPPED

RB black clamp GREAT SHAPE some minor scratches from install $40 SHIPPED-PENDING

Plastics $25 SHIPPED I also will be throwing in NEW black tank shrouds that came with the other black plastics

Sano Skid plate GREAT SHAPE $40 SHIPPED

Wiring Harness with NO COIL, NO REV BOX... JUST THE WIRING.. $20 SHIPPED

Fast50's black rims stock hubs. Rear needs trueing but they are in good shape

Rear $90 SHIPPED (PENDING but taking backup) does not come with sprocket or brake but does come with the sprocket hardware (no axle)

Front $75 SHIPPED (PENDING but taking backup) and you get the brake (no axle)

PLUS, I have all the hardware from this bike and enough for another one which I will be selling as well for around $40 SHIPPED+

Wiring Harness comes with Stock coil, Rev Box, stock sparkplug boot and harness. $OLD

Carbon Fiber tank cover $OLD

Stock swingarm rattle canned black $OLD

IMS pegs $OLD

Sano heavy duty pegmount GREAT SHAPE $OLD

NEW Cold Fushion Gas Cap and Oil cap $OLD

BBR seat $OLD

Factory Racing black chain guide $OLD

Fast50's billet shifter $OLD

Sick 50's Brake pedal GREAT SHAPE! $OLD

Pro Circuit Pipe GREAT SHAPE $OLD

Takegawa Rev box $OLD

Kitaco rev box $OLD

Kitaco Coil $OLD

NEW ASV Red unbreakable break lever $OLD

Stock forks rattle canned black with +1 heavy duty Sano fork legs W/NEW Tapered Bearings $OLD


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50 Donkey said:
returned PM's, some stuffs SOLD or spoken for and going fast. First to PM me and pay, gets the stuff. I am not holding anything for anyone
except what you posted at the other site. I had dibs on pipe until you pm me saying that some guy at the other site had enailed you first. Not trying to be a prick but why do people do this?
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