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Stock Length Race Tech!!

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Looking for a stock length Race Tech Shock for a SiK 110's +4 Swinger. Its for a Klx 110 cause i know i will get asked even tho its <--. I want one basically NEW. not a beat to crap one. PM here and email is [email protected] also if you have i need PICS!!;)

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That shock is horrible! I had one, Pimpin had one, and a bunch of others had one and everyone pretty much hated it! The elka is a way better choice or the fox float is really good too.
up to cost for retail on a new one
why not jst buy a new one then if you don't want a used one?
Odi at Feal sells them new and will set them up as well.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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